Cooking made easy with AI

Tired of sifting through endless online recipes? Let Flavorish take the guesswork out of cooking, conjuring up a delicious recipe in a flash. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to tasty meals and saved time!

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Flavorful features, effortless cooking!

Save hours weekly

AI-Powered recipes

Don't know what to cook? Add the ingredients you have on hand, and Flavorish will intelligently recommend recipes based on your preferences.

  • Explore global cuisines with easy to follow recipes.

  • Easily scale recipe ingredients.

  • All your dietary needs deliciously covered.

Sakura blossom highball recipe on the Flavorish app.

De-clutter your culinary life

Smart shopping lists

Stop juggling random notes, apps, and stickies for your grocery needs. Flavorish auto-generates and organizes your grocery lists, making shopping a breeze.

  • Create ingredient lists from recipes - never forget an item!

  • Sort ingredients by aisle, recipe, or your way.

Sample of a shopping list on the Flavorish app.

Search. Save. Savor.

Save recipes from the web

Store all your favorites; be it your grandma’s classics, an online find or our AI-generated recipes - all in one place.

  • Save recipes from the web

  • Modify any stored recipe - make it uniquely yours!

Save recipe link from web popup on the Flavorish app.

Elevate home cooking with Flavorish

Ad-free experience

No more ads or endless bookmarks.

Offline mode

Create and access recipes & lists offline, no WiFi needed.

Galactic gelato recipe on the Flavorish app.

Cloud sync

Instant sync across multiple devices.

Customized for you

Modify any stored recipe, make it uniquely yours!

Features coming soon to Flavorish

  • Grab recipes from social media

    Stay on top of food trends and easily bring viral dishes from TikTok and Instagram straight into your kitchen.

  • Nutritional info

    Access nutritional details for each recipe, helping you make healthier choices and track your diet effortlessly.

  • Perfect Pairings

    Find the ideal drink for every meal with our handpicked beverage suggestions, enhancing your dining experience.

  • Grocery app sync

    Export shopping lists to Instacart or Amazon Basics for an organized, easy shopping experience.

Pumpkin spice latte recipe on the Flavorish app.

Plans & Pricing



Save 25%



Dive into the world of AI-powered
cooking today!

What's included?

  • Generate up to 5 AI recipes per month

  • Save unlimited recipes in the cloud

  • Easier grocery runs with shopping lists

  • Install on any device (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.)

  • Offline mode

  • Instantly sync across devices

  • Ad-free experience



Billed as $35.88 /year

Unlock all of Flavorish's premium features for the ultimate cooking experience!

What's included?

  • Generate unlimited AI recipes per month

  • Save unlimited recipes in the cloud

  • Easier grocery runs with shopping lists

  • Install on any device (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.)

  • Offline mode

  • Instantly sync across devices

  • Ad-free experience

Frequently asked questions

How does the AI in Flavorish work?

Flavorish leverages OpenAI's GPT technology to tailor recipes uniquely for you, taking into account your available ingredients, dietary preferences, and more for a truly personalized cooking experience.

Can Flavorish accommodate specific dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or have other dietary needs, enter your preference in the "additional information" while generating an AI recipe and Flavorish can adapt recipes to suit you.

Is there an offline mode?

Yes, with Flavorish's offline mode, you can create and manage shopping lists, and access your recipes anytime, regardless of internet availability. This mode allows you to use the app seamlessly without the internet, automatically syncing any changes once you reconnect.

Can I save and modify recipes in Flavorish?

Absolutely! With Flavorish, not only can you save and tweak recipes from any website, you can also modify our AI generated recipes to further suit your taste. Moreover, you can also craft your own recipes from scratch. It's like having a personal cookbook at your fingertips!

How does Flavorish help with grocery shopping?

Flavorish creates organized shopping lists from your recipes allowing you to sort items by aisle, recipe, or in a custom order for your convenience. Plus, we're gearing up to integrate with online grocery apps, ensuring a smooth and streamlined shopping experience coming your way soon.

Is there a cost to use Flavorish?

Flavorish offers both free and premium plans. You can enjoy unlimited recipe storage and shopping lists in both plans. But the free version allows you to generate up to 5 AI recipes, while the premium plan offers unlimited AI recipe generation for endless culinary exploration.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time! Just visit your account, click on "Manage plan", and you'll be taken straight to Stripe's customer portal to complete the cancellation.

Effortless cooking
with AI

Let’s get cooking
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